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Falck Renewables - Next Solutions operates in the services sector and deals with energy management solutions, energy efficiency and systems for monitoring and data management.

Its goal? Creating sustainable value, working alongside producers and consumers along the entire energy supply chain and leveraging people, skills, digital technologies and operational excellence.

The withdrawal of the produced energy

We present ourselves to producers as buyers of the energy produced by their plants (photovoltaic, hydroelectric, wind, biomass of all types, cogenerators). We are the alternative to GSE Dedicated Retreat.


We buy

the energy produced by the plants with contracts that provide a personalized price: Zonal Price, Fixed Price or Dynamic Price with management according to the logic of portfolio management.


We monitor

the performance of the systems thanks to complex owned systems, cutting-edge tools for weather forecasting and an asset management web platform that allows us to minimize the risk of imbalance.


We maximize

the sale price thanks to evolving financial instruments operating on all intra-day markets and we support the manufacturer with strategic advice that optimizes the price of energy and environmental certificates.

The good reasons to choose Falck Renewables - Next Solutions:

We are

The group we are part of boasts over 1 GW installed worldwide, 2.8 GW of assets managed and financial strength proven by constantly growing economic results.

We are

We have chosen to manage primarily the energy supplied by our Group's renewable assets and we manage approximately 2.5 TWh in Europe.

We are

With an experience of over 1500 customers in the field of energy efficiency services, measurement and response to demand, we operate through transparent and tailored management thanks to innovative digital systems.


Calculations are based on data ranges and by considering both captive market prices and average free market prices over the period. These values are to be considered as indicative. For a more precise calculation, please contact one of Falck Renewables - Next Solutions’s professionals to receive a detailed quote.

I also declare to give my consent to Falck Next Energy S.r.l., as data controller, to the use of my personal data:


An off-taking contract is a bilateral agreement for the sale of energy between Seller (Producer) and Buyer (Off-taker) which lets producers market electricity from their plants and feed it into the grid, maximizing the economic value. By entering into a bilateral contract on the free market, in fact, producers can benefit from more advantageous conditions of energy remuneration, while having the chance to delegate to the Offtaker, the responsibility for participating in the markets and imbalance charges.
Yes they do, Off-taking is the English word that indicates the withdrawal (purchase and dispatching) of energy produced in the context of the free market.
The "Dedicated Withdrawal" is the transfer of the energy produced to the GSE - Energy Services Manager - a public controlled Off-taker. The GSE then pays the producer a certain price for each kWh fed into the network as required by the RID agreement signed by the producer. The "Off-taking" contract is the alternative to the Dedicated Withdrawal available to producers within the free market: a physical contract between two parties, usually an electricity producer (Producer or Seller) and a buyer (Off-taker or Buyer). This type of bilateral contract is used to regulate the withdrawal and dispatching of energy produced by renewable and non-renewable energy plants.
For the energy producer, the advantages are both on management (the buyer is in charge of dealing with GME, GSE and Terna) and economic levels (the price paid to the producer on the free market is normally higher because it discounts the imbalance cost optimized by the Off-taker).
An Off-taking contract is a short-term PPA, annual usually. These are the most common PPAs precisely because they are short termed.
The change of Off-taker must happen by the end of the second month prior to the expiry of the existing contract (i.e.: by the end of November 2020 for contracts expiring on January 2021).
Off-taking contracts are aimed at all producers who wish to sell their energy to a buyer and negotiate the best conditions possible on the free market.
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